HRT after menopause???

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HRT after menopause???
Mon, 07-15-2013 - 10:44pm

Embarassed I'm years beyond menopause and most of the "symptoms" are long gone.  But life has thrown me some curves since I posted here regularly and as a result, I headed for clinical depression.  I cannot take antidepressants - they don't work and kill my stomach or both.  I've tried everything that's ever been suggested and the depression just won't give up, I'm keeping the kleenex companies in business all by myself, the tears are just awful.  My husband swears this goes from bad to much worse in cycles, much like PMS was, it gets really bad for about a week every darned month, and it makes me feel crazy crazy.  Anyway, my sister has pretty much the same problem, ditto for my best friend, and after talking to my sister earlier today she kept saying "it's hormones!!!".  It has me wondering about a trial of HRT if for no other reason than to find out if it really IS hormonal.  Has anybody tried this?  I felt fabulous on Prempro, just great, with a few exceptions.  I have not done much reading about being 7 years beyond menopause and taking HRT.  But I remember this is always a great place to get the blanks filled in.  Anyone know much about doing this or has anyone here tried it?  I remember the risks in the news years ago, not so much anymore, but there is nothing more for me to try to deal with depression, nothing left to try.  So I'm desperate.  Any info from anybody???  An acupuncturist is strongly recommending I check into selenium, saying she's known people who got incredible improvement for all kinds of things, incl. depression.  I see a gynecologist soon, so I'll address all of this with her, too.



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Thu, 07-18-2013 - 8:26am

Hi Stranger!!! Always nice to see you, though wish it wasn't because you are having issues....

My own story... I never was on hrt. Never 'needed' it. A few years after my total hysterectomy, I asked for hrt. I saw another dr, not gyn, in my dr's office. I should have seen my dr, though don't know how he would have handled it but...  <sigh> You may remember that my biggest issue before and after was being 'tired'. The dr I saw, reluctantly gave me a prescription for premarin. With the comment, that I was too far beyond to start taking it and if I woke up tomorrow with cancer, I would know why. For full disclosure, I will NOT see that dr again for ANYTHING!!! smh

You say you have tried everything. Have you tried the B vitamins that we always talked about and that Kt swears by?

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Tue, 07-30-2013 - 8:23pm

Hey, Joanna, long time no see.  Sorry you are having difficulties.  Please do talk to your doctor about this.  It could be that your system now requires some form of hormone, but I have a feeling that other things (life, for instance!!) is doing this to you.

I have found that I will cycle thru mood swings if I do not keep my vitamin B levels where they need to be.  Thus my constant suggestion to others to try taking a Vitamin B Complex 50 daily to keep them evened out. It seems to take about 3-4 weeks before one notices a big difference. I can remember one woman physician who once told me she thought it was totally unnecessary for me to take it.  I told her she would not want to be around me after a couple of week without them - heck I don't even like that me very much!!!

I even have a male friend who was having the same problems and I told him to try them.....they work for him too.  He has been using them since I suggested it about 8 years ago!!  

Also, for those times when things really seem to gang up on me (even while taking my regular Bs) I find that taking some additional Inositol (vitamin B 8) kicks my stress levels in the butt!

The B vitamins are water soluable and any your body cannot (or will not) use will simply be dumped from your system.

Word of warning:    The B Complex will turn your urine a bright neon yellow!

Please let us know what your doc has to say about this. 

Remember, there are NO dumb questions regarding menopause!

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