Menopause annoyance

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Menopause annoyance
Sat, 11-02-2013 - 8:21pm

I have been going through menopause and have developed constipation. I am absolutely miserable. Is this normal for menopause or could I have something else going on?

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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 9:53pm

Its normal. Make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids (don't count caffeinated beverages which have a diuretic effect); enough fiber, and exercising. Sometimes eating an apple a day does the trick. Some jumping jacks or jumping rope can help (seriously, I think its the affect of gravity!). If that doesn't work then add in some prunes or prune juice on a regular basis, or some Metamucil. The kind of "fiber" that you stir into your food didn't help me but may work well for you. If none of that solves it then talk to your doctor....but it is a common complaint of many women our age. Unless your doctor recommends it, laxative medication is the last resort IMO because your body can become dependent on it.

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Sun, 11-03-2013 - 2:12pm

I pretty much agree with elc11, Jules.  If you try Metamusil find that it makes your really gassy you could try Citrucel.  It is a different product and does not create gas. Be sure to talk to your doctor if it gets bad or if it continues for very long.  It is one of the many "symptoms" of peri-menopause.

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