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Thu, 03-14-2013 - 7:21pm

I have been planning to work my way off prempro.  I dropped to the lost dose in late November.  I did not notice any difference.  10 days ago when I was told my breast biopsy showed atypical hyperplasia my breast surgeon said to quit.  That was it for me, I haven't taken one since.  So far I haven't noticed any difference (I had been on them about 4 1/2 years), except maybe sleep issues.  The sleep issues could be more due to the whole biopsy - diagnosis - pending (now competed) excisional biopsy/lumpectomy and the pending hysterectomy for the hemorrhagic cyst and pending hysterectomy. 

My question is, how long after stopping could some change occur - moods, hot flashes etc.?

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Sun, 03-17-2013 - 10:44pm

I think you would have by now. The fact that you were decreasing your dose anyway, and were down to the lowest dose, without having noticed the difference, may mean that you won't. I had a total hysterectomy, and other than my 'furnace' working overtime in the hospital, I came home, and never felt different than I did in perimenopause.

Good luck with your suregeries and recuperation. Let us know how you are doing and the outcome.