Treatment other than BCP (..Biodenticals?)

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Treatment other than BCP (..Biodenticals?)
Sun, 08-05-2012 - 7:53pm


I am new to this board and feel so validated and so much less alone after just a short time reading.

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and your advice!

I'm 40 years old, have a 3 year old, work full time, and my husband is a truck driver.  The last few months my short-temper has been getting worse.  At first I wrote it off to work/home/marriage stress, and my child's strong-willed temperament, constant activity, and frequent tantrums.  But I was (am) also SO tired all the time, and my first two days of periods had become so heavy as to stain many sets of sheets and pants.  I went to a new gyno for my annual, and she tested my hormones and said they are "normal for a woman in peri-menopause".  Since I am a smoker I cannot take birth control pills, and I had very bad side-effects from anti-depressants after my child was born (multiple brands were tried, all with very bad side-effects).  So I resigned myself to just do the best I could, and started taking "Estroven".  Well, the last couple of months have been so fact, last month I actually filed for divorce from my husband because we were fighting so much.  We immediately reconciled when he returned from the road, but still that was to me a turning point.  I used to be a really quiet, nice person!   Now I find myself short-tempered and hostile two weeks of every month, and getting more and more vocal about it!

I guess my question to you all is, do you know of any treatments for this, especially the short-temper, other than BCP or psychotropic medications??  I have done some reading on "biodentical" hormones...has anyone had success with that?  I sure appreciate advice.  And thanks again for all the encouragement I have been reading!

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 9:28pm

Hi and welcome to the board. I am so glad you have a gyn who recognizes perimenopause.  I don't think that if you smoke bio identical would be a 'safer' choice... (remember we are not medical people)

If you go to the Menopause Oasis, You will find a page on natural remedies. Many people here have found that the rage is helped by taking Inositol, which is a B 8 and can be found at GNC. Also a Super B... 

What you are dealing with is very normal... we had one member who cut the bushes in front of her house to the ground one day!!! Her husband came home and just cleaned up the mess and never said a word. Smart man! lol Another member through a basket at the butcher when she went to pick up her 'free turkey' and they were out.  I hope the man ducked! :smileywink:

Those are the two we lol at the most an will always remember...

Please do come back with questions, to hang out etc... And remember you are NOT alone!!!!

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 10:18pm

Please do visit our Menopause Oasis.  It is a website I created several years ago because I kept finding myself having to go back into one of my responses to a question to add something I forgot to mention!  Now I can usually simply point our members to a particular page at the Oasis to provide the "longer" kind of answer!!!

I don't pretend to have "all" of the information you may ever need about peri-menopause there ~ but I try to keep it current and provide a good bit of info there.

I am one of those who swear by Vitamin B Complex 50 to keep my mood swings on an even keel and Inositol (Vitamin B 8) to help with symptoms that are stress related.  I once told a friend that even though the Inositol didn't get rid of the stress causers, it did help me cope with them better!!!!

Please know that you are welcome here anytime ~ to ask questions, to vent (it really does help!), to share experiences, or to just hang out with other women who understand and care....

There are NO dumb questions when it comes to Menopause

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