Are you sure you it's a gluten problem?

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Are you sure you it's a gluten problem?
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 10:52am

For those who suffer from gluten allergies-are you sure that is what it is or just a food fad? According to AP news article on, "It sounds like an unfolding epidemic: A decade ago, virtually no one in the U.S. seemed to have a problem eating gluten in bread and other foods. Now, millions do." more

So how do you know?


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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 8:09am
Karla, that is a broken link.
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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 10:51am

I know - because every single time I eat anything with wheat or gluten, I spend the day in the bathroom with terrible diarrhea and cramping. It's just not worth it.

I did have a colonoscopy after two years of eating gluten-free and they did not find any evidence of celiac disease - at  that point. I would have had one before going gluten-free but I could not get my doctor at that time to listen to me.

I am not willing to go back on gluten now to be sure, but my GI doctor says you don't have to have celiac disease to be sensitive to gluten.