Gluten-Free Foods: Healthy or Hype?

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Gluten-Free Foods: Healthy or Hype?
Thu, 04-11-2013 - 8:10am

Do you buy Gluten-Free foods? You may want to check out this iVillage Health article before your next trip to the grocery. Why the Billion-Dollar Gluten-Free Industry is Secretly Laughing at All of Us

What is your favorite Gluten-Free product?


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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 3:15pm

I think the comments at the bottom of the article say it all frankly. 

As for a favorite product, there aren't a lot out that that are as good as regular IMO, but Cherrybook Kitchen has a great pancake mix for the occassional time we do eat pancakes now.

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Mon, 04-29-2013 - 6:47pm

i always check my super markets health section for anything new on shelves ,before leaving Kiss