Looking for Baby Recipes

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Looking for Baby Recipes
Thu, 01-12-2012 - 10:54am

Hello everyone!

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Thu, 01-12-2012 - 9:31pm

Hello Kay and welcome to the board..yes it can be tough when baby is so little..to start with you can buy a powder that is an egg substitute..i use it a lot in certain recipes its call ...

Commercial Egg Replacer

Ener-G is an incredibly versatile and easy to use commercial egg replacer available in most health food stores and larger well-stocked grocery stores. I find that despite the instructions on the package to mix Ener-G with two tablespoons of water, some recipes will need a bit more moisture when replacing eggs using Ener-G, so you may need to compensate with an extra tablespoon of water or soy milk. Ener-G and other store-bought egg substitutes are relatively flavorless and work best in baked goods, such as cookies, muffins and cakes, and can also be used to bind ingredients together in a vegan casserole or loaf. Ener-G is vegan and certified kosher, but be sure to read the labels carefully on other brands, as some may contain egg whites.

i also use loose meat or mince steak as it is sometimes called to make meat loaves..you can also purify the meat even further in blender which i doi also quite often ...

i have to make a lot of purified meals i have a sick grandmother who has very similar problems with her digestion and has to have most of her meals purified...myself and all my family have celiac,and dibetes,and ibs so i know how ones feels trying to cater for all wiuth their special needs in food...i do all our baking and we make everything ..we try to eat organic,and fresh as much as possible...yes and breast feeding i know one must be gluten free so it does not go thru to the milk ...we mostly do the vegan diet as well as the gluten and wheat free..we use fresh fruit as snacks as much as we can,when we take our purified stuff on outings we take our cold bags,isulated ones we freeze our snacks so it stays cool with out taking a lot of ice with us ..we freeze our juice/milk it cools of our other food...i bought the soft insulated food bags just for that occassions,when we take grandma with us ,we freeze baby food ,things like fruits puree,etc,juice ,i make gf/wf jam drops biscuits for her.my grandchildren love them,also ,we take fruit strips and fruit leather the little ones suck and dont choke on that..i'll go search out some snacks and see what extra i can find for you...

i also make a mince meal with mushy potatoes,peas carrots and pumpkin

the mince i cook till tender,i add salt and tasty herbs and garlic for flavour,thicken with arrowroot flour,or tapioca flour,or corn flour then i put all the mushy vegs into it after i thicken ,,the babies just love it ,,so maybe you could try it as well ,i vary the vegetables from time to time just to make it different...

will try to find more for you cheers Lynne