Does this "Gallbladder Flush" dissolve the stone? or pass it?

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Does this "Gallbladder Flush" dissolve the stone? or pass it?
Mon, 09-23-2013 - 1:25pm

I am a 47 year old Canadian woman doing humanitarian aid work in Africa.  An ultrasound has shown that I have one 2.3 cm gallstone located by the exit of my gallbladder.  The doctors here want to remove my gallbladder because of the size and location of the stone (worries that it may completely block the duct at some point in time) and because I have had weekly episodes of severe pain over the past three weeks.  The doctors said that if the stone blocks the duct that I will likely die before I could get from the small African village I live in to a medical facility that could handle such an emergency.  This could happen in weeks, months, a year, or never... there is no way to predict it.  So, they say it is better to remove the gallbladder now within the next two weeks.  However, as you can imagine, even what would be a minor surgery in the first world (gallbladder removal), has more risk here in a 3rd world country where facilities/conditions are far less than ideal.  

I just read about a two day gallbladder flush at on eHow.  From reading the description of this, it is not clear to me if this "flush" will disolve the stone or if it is meant for smaller stones and it will help someone to pass the small stones.  If it is the second case (meaning it helps you to pass the stone), I would think that I should not do this because my stone is definately too large to pass through my ducts.  However if this flush will disolve the stone, I think it is worth a shot.  Does anyone know more about this flush?  Should I attempt this with one 2.3cm gallstone?  

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I can't tell from the article either, but it sounds more like its to flush the gallstone out.  Here are two good articles that have ways to dissolve the gallstones as opposed to trying to just flush it out: