Endometriosis Tied to Higher Risk of Crohn's, Colitis

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Endometriosis Tied to Higher Risk of Crohn's, Colitis
Wed, 01-04-2012 - 1:09pm

According to recent Health Day News:

Women with endometriosis may be up to 80 percent more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis compared to women without the uterine disorder, according to a new long-term study.

Endometriosis occurs when the uterine lining -- the endometrium -- grows outside of the uterus. Symptoms include abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods and infertility. Exactly why the conditions may be linked is not fully understood. They may share common causes or perhaps the birth control pills used to treat endometriosis may increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. The new findings appear online Dec. 19 in the journal Gut. READ MORE

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