Gastro Paresis (Delayed emptying of stomach) and LINE OF TREATMENT

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Gastro Paresis (Delayed emptying of stomach) and LINE OF TREATMENT
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GASTRO PARESIS and subsequent acid buildup will manifest following conditions:-->>

Constipation(1), sensitive stomach(2) (where intake of spicy food especially liquid curries, tea coffee causes further anxiety), (3)Functional dyspepsia (feeling of fullness even with small meals). (4) also you cannot eat heavy meals  at this stage. (5) depletion of alkaline reserves  causes further indigestion and result in delayed digestion & Acidosis. (6)  Acid buildup causes thinning of stomach lining/ mucosa which is symptom of leaky gut nd causes undigested food and acid released for digestion to go directly into blood thus causing  contamination of blood and subsequent acidosis.

Delayed emptying causes acid buildup resulting in nausea, dizziness, pain in abdomen, severe weight loss and indigestion. Also it causes Acid reflux in some people  if the valve at end of esophagus (neck) does not close properly.

THERE are 3 line of treatment that I came across and I will discuss all of these:-

The one and most practiced which is also a faulty line of treatment is generic program that included PPI class of drugs (e.g. NEXIUM, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, RAZO etc)/Motility class of drugs (e.g. REGLAN, Domperidone, Erythromycin) along with antacids to manage the issue. Please know that PPI class of drugs is used for SUPPRESSING ACID While PRO KINETIC Drugs are used to push the digested food through stomach (Motility) for EVERY MEAL you take. So long, that you continue to suppress acids using PPI, delayed emptying will continue to persist. Read DISCUSSION section of article here: “   “

Extract from From above url/link:

This study has shown that therapeutic doses of ranitidine, famotidine, and omeprazole, which suppress gastric acid secretion, affect both gastric motility and gastric emptying. All significantly delayed gastric emptying despite an increase in postprandial antral contractility as assessed using antral manometry, electrogastrography, and dynamic antral scintigraphy.

from above extract,When it is clearly established that PPI class of drugs cause and enhance further delayed emptying (Dysmotility) then why are these prescribed??

This line of treatment does not cure the problem but you just manage it on every day basis just like diabetes. As per Medical fraternity GASTRO PARESIS is non curable so they come out with line of treatment that eventually takes you to either G  Tube or Feeding tube or some type of surgeries as in long run because of side effects of PPI/Kinetic drugs the stomach slows down to such an extent that nothing can help it move further.

Being former gastro paresis and cured patient I know, that mechanism used by medical fraternity is faulty. I myself from 86 KG went on to become skinny and skeletal losing around 18 kgs because of gastro paresis and subsequent acid buildup causing acidosis; am now cured and back to being healthy and strong again just because I chose to follow different path which I will discuss later.

Thanks for reading

** By the way I am NOT a doctor but a former patient of gastro paresis who is just sharing his cure or possible better management of this
** Complex issue without any medicines but using only HERBS/ Right Food/ Supplements.


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Good info there.  I have gastroparesis very likely caused by stress, dyspepsia, and also have GERD on top of it.  The first GI I ever went to in the early 90s quickly diagnosed the GERD and my insurance demanded I first try the older meds, they did not want to give me Prilosec due to the cost.  So after many more months of reflux and getting no relief from meds, that GI finally obtained the Prilosec for me and voila - after years of feeling sick all the time two pills worked wonders, so I had found my med.  I kept seeing him for years until he seriously let me down and I fired him, started seeing a new GI who rushed appointments so badly I also fired her.  By chance I met a woman who also spent years getting sick any time she ate, she finally found a doctor who helped her serious gastroparesis (I'd never been told it HAS symptoms or been told it had a name or that I needed a new diet) - so I saw the same new GI who quickly concluded Nexium (pretty much Prilosec with a grain of salt added so they could obtain a new patent and keep prices high, according to that first GI) - he felt Nexium had fizzled out, so he started me on Dexilant and so far, not too bad, not as good as Nexium had worked, but at least it helps.  I've been told there are lots of us who have multiple tummy issues and that it's like "six of one and half a dozen of the other" - GERD carries the risk of esophageal cancer and the 3 issues I have play off each other and probably CAUSE each other.  Without Dexilant I truly have no clue what I'd do since nothing else puts a dent in the reflux, and at the same time no med is without problems.   I now take a low dose of an antidepressant that's supposed to help somewhat with gastroparesis.  The three motility drugs you mentioned carry big risks, too, but some people just feel so sick what can you do?  Maybe the next generation will be more fortunate.  I have a number of miserable health problems, but none makes me feel as bad as stomach trouble, it's like having a constant case of the flu. 



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Joannaran it is good to see you again and get an update on how you are doing!
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I have a blog on this where I have put up how I recovered from this issue.

and short take on my above blog:

You may find this helpful.

I will answer all question if you have any.


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Yes I know Motility drugs have their own issues. The work for some and do not work for others. Only after you get rid of both these class of drugs PPI/Pro kinetic (motility) then only you will be on path to recovery if you followed path that I wrote in my blog.

If I can recover than other can too, only you have to follow other path since Allopathy has already declared it IDEOPATHIC (No cure available) and offcourse this is actually a FALSE statement comming from medical fraternity who have not really understood gastro paresis and trust me it is curable and manageable without medicines in just few weeks.

Also here is similar discussion I had posted on another site.

For your reference.


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Stomach will restore back itself once you go natural. You can never reach home by driving 1 km forward and then 1KM backward. This is what these PPI/Pro kinetic drugs do to you. They are designed to keep delayed emptying problem ON and hence you can never recover come what you may do. I have provided you research link in my top post to confirm this. And then there are thousand of live people like you to confirm the same as all of you are struggling to cure GP which never goes away!!!.
I was brave enough to understand this and got RID of these prescription after being on them for 8-10 months. It is all about eating food that does not give you anxiety for a period of time till the stomach has restored back, and that it will, provided you do not interfere with its logical functioning which is whatt these PPI/Pro kinetic drugs do.
Read this Blog and you will get all Idea:-
"   "
All that is needed is to follow journey from lightly cooked (Quickly prepared) diet to Strong diet gradually. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaliine reserves and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.
"   "

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After being on PPI/Pro Kintetics for 8-10 months and seeing no progress, I understood that there clearly is no solution available and  Since the problem started only after the meal ,I begin to think what food will  not cause any anxiety?. I desperately wanted to quit these  prescriptions of PPI & Pro Kinetics but before that I must find what food would not cause me any anxiety or trouble after I ate them?!.
After some research on myself I found out that eating BOILED food never caused any issues. So now I could eat any vegetable/rice  which i shall boil and add lemon + black pepper on it. Also when I ate curd (plain yogurt without sugars)+ Rice It caused no problem  and it was also very soothing to stomach so I normally reserved this food for nights. Also Cold/Chilled MILK (No sugar) with muesli  caused no issues. Now I had 3 food that I could survive on without any medicines.
I said to myself, "Welcome to monotonous eating life" But at least I was not taking any medicines and this was my first steps to  recovery. Now I never had to think about taking pills before or after every meals.
Next very miraculaously I found that I was able to eat all type of food and HOW? See next paragraph.

While I was struggling to survive on above food choices, I joined my new JOB which was based out of new location away from my  City. Now I was thinking, how will I survive since I needed a very specific food and away from home that was not possible because I  was going to stay as PG and had to eat outside food. My company would provide us all  types of food in cafeteria and so I started  eating that food. The Miracle was that I never felt any anxiety or issues when eating that food??!!. That made me realize that it is the  method of preparation that was the key here. Look ; at cafeteria they prepare quick lunches, breakfasts and do not use much of oil and  use very less spices, and also they use minimal oil for preparations. Also when they served any meat it will be only 1-2 pieces.
So whenever I went home on weekends I would instruct the food to be prepared quickly (in less that 10 minutes) and preferably I  would eat only vegetarian food avoiding all type of fried food. For meat like Chicken moderation was the key here(just eat 1-2 small  pieces in grilled/boiled form). So now at least i had found a way to eat all type of food where quick preparation and moderation was  the key.
Protein requires a highly acidic environment for digestion, while carbohydrates and fats require a more alkaline environment. If you ate  meat (grilles/steamed/boiled) in isolation it does not cause much of an issue. You can eat meat with Rice and do not combine it with  flour items.
ORGANIC SALTS like Rock Salt/Blak Salt/Celtic/Himalayan Pink Salt have minerals and alkaline reserves that help create necessary  environment for digestion in stomach. I usually add one or combination of these salts (1/2 tea spoon) to all my meals after they are served, and trust me all  talk about Indigestion seems like a myth. These salts (Rock/Black) also have laxative property.
Similarly if you eat 1-2 tea spoon of mucilage food like Flax seeds,Fenugreek Seed, Chia seed (all of these must be grounded well)     along with water they would help create necessary slippage on intestinal walls and thus help cure CONSTIPATION issue in long run.

so to conclude we understood that during recovery period:-

1) You can eat all type of food but it shall be quickly prepared (in less than 10 minutes), not more that 1-2 spoon of oil for preparation if oil is needed and the food preferably would be vegetarian during recovery period.
2) Sprinkle Organic salts like Black/Rock Salt on every meal to help avoid indigestion.
3) Have mucilage like Flax,Fenugreek seeds 2-3 spoon everyday morning & nights to help resolve constipation issue and create necessary slippage  on intestinal walls.
4) I have used TRIPHALA capsules after every meal to help detoxicate well and to also help motility issues and sensitive stomach.
5) I have also used Wheat Grass powder with water to help blood cleanse.

You can Read More on My blog in sunild1204.WORDPRESS
Read More Here :-

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Okay Guys,
Let us see if  I am able to explain why you are stuck and where you are stuck. and WHY GP can not be cured, is a FALSE statement. Yes it can not be cured in Allopathic method of cure probably but if you can not reach your home by taking route XYZ the you must look for some other route to reach home. You never say to yourself that reaching your  home is not possible just become someone told you so.

Following example tells you how and when   GP was created and also why and where you are stuck. Also let us ignore some small error in explanation but you must see the larger picture of how you can come out of your situation.

We travel from Step 1 to Step 9 in this example below:-->> You shall read it as; Step1 causes step2 and step2 causes step3 and so on...
(REASON X causes Acidosis , Acidosis causes Blood PH lowering......)
1. REASON-X OR one example:Leaky Gut/Thinning of mucosa or intestinal lining (Caused by: uncontrolled use of NSAID painkiller drugs, Frequent skipping meals, Eating Acid forming food lifestyle, surgeries etc etc)
2.Acidosis (Undigested food & acid go into blood causing blood contamination)
3. Blood PH goes down. (Acidic blood state, causes depletion of alkaline reserves as blood must be restored to proper pH levels, borrows alkaline reserves from Bones/Muscles etc etc causing weight loss )
=>>4. Start of Gastro paresis or Delayed emptying of stomach (GP itself Manifests more issues like:-Sensitive stomach, Constipation, acid buildup , acid reflux in some people, can not eat strong/heavy food ,depletion of alkaline reserves, Having acid forming meal cause more stomach anxieties and flareups)
5.Doctors now prescribe PPI (PPI drugs suppress acid but as a side effect cause further Delayed emptying or Gastro Paresis as per research already provided in my previous posts, and also thousands of live people like you stuck and not getting any results prove this)
6. One Expects to be Cured since you are on prescriptions but that never happens. What is the point in having prescription drugs if they are not going to cure you !!!!.
7. Loop Back to Step 4 as now Instead of curing GP, PPI's are now causing further delayed emptying (more GP!!) i.e step 4.
8. So now you travel from step 4 to 5 and back to step 2 and  you never ever come out. This is a LOOP.
9. If Cure is STEP 6 you never reach it as use of PPI drugs cause you to go backward to step 4.
10. To exit or break the  the LOOP you must first remove step 5. Similarly Prokinetic drugs have their own side effects. they work for some time for some people and for others they do not work at all. Hence the need to avoid this class of drug too. We do not want any drugs that interferes with logical functioing of stomach.

So now as per my experience (and I have done it guys) if you can take care of step 2 & Step 3 GASTRO PARESIS would be resolved, RIGHT? It is the Root cause Step 1 that will take some more time to resolve or even if did not, then also by taking care of Step2 & Step 3 Gastro Paresis can be avoided. So now who says GP can not be CURED ??!!!

So now your new step 5 onwards can be as follows (as Per my research, and guys it is all tested on me)
1) I have used L glut amine for Intestinal repairs (leaky Gut). I have myself used 2 products,  Pure L Glutamine powder and British Nutritions Glutamine recovery formula. Trust me guys it has made a major difference. I got 3 benefits in just one month. Found that I my neck crackling sound was gone (arthritis of neck), Found that frequent bouts of cold was gone and I could eat ice cream & ice without getting cold&Coughs, and off course the GUT has become more powerful and I have become more stronger.
2) Stop further acidosis (step 2) by having more of alkaline forming food and Lightly prepared food and ignoring acid forming food during recovery period.
3) Restoring alkalinity of Blood by following blood purification (e.g Wheat-grass powder and also drinking Black raisin soaked water)
4) Control acid indigestion (Lower PH of chyme or digested food, causes delayed emptying as food must be neutralized before passed to next stage of stomach) by using one or combination of ORGANIC Sea Salts, Rock salt, black Salt, Celtic salt and Himalayan pink salts which ever you can get hold of. These ORGANIC SALTS are capable of absorbing heat and very necessary as every meal causes digestive fires to go up. I normally would sprinkle these salts with every meal. Trust me Acid Indigestion will feel like a myth if you did this with every meal.
5) The one MOST IMPORTANT HERB we use is TRIPHALA capsules. This herb has many many benefits and recovery without this one herb may not be possible. This herb will help cleanse Intestines , Blood purification, Motility etc etc. This herb will also help cure sensitive stomach which is result of acute acid buildup causing stomach to become soggy and sensitive.
6) CONSTIPATION is one majot issue which can be resolved by having mucilage food like Grounded Flax seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Chia seeds and Clarified butter (Ghee) On every day basis.
7) Also there is a method to stop PPI class of drugs which is mentioned in my blog. You must neutralize acids as sudden stop of PPI will cause acid rebound effect for 3-4 days but as long as you know how to neutralize acids using antacids or other methods you will be fine and on way to recovery in few days. Some people who tried stopping PPI without knowing the method got panicked as acid rebound effect of sudden stop of these drugs will cause more anxieties if you did not take care of neutralizing acids on more frequent basis. Just read the section on how to stop PPI in my blog and you will know.
8) All that is needed is to follow journey from lightly cooked (Quickly prepared) diet   to Strong diet gradually, ignoring acid forming food like White Flour, Red meat, all type of Process food etc etc. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaline reserves , Blood purification and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.



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A Note on LOW Stomach Acid queries, Apple Cider Vinegar V/S Organic Salts, PPI's
1) LOW Stomach Acid queries:-
I have come across many people raising queries on whether it is low acid that is causing the issue. As far as my knowledge goes this is not true. Acidosis or Acid Indigestion leading to Acid Reflux is caused by Acid buildup. The fact that we are using acid suppression (PPI) and acid neutralization (antacids) means that we have more than required acids present. In fact all our problems have started because of Acidosis or Acid Indigestion which is because of LOW PH of body fluids and blood.
Look; Acids are released only for protein digestion and more stronger the protein (meat) More acids are released. But if you are having a Vegetarian meal, not much acids are required as protein content is very less in this case; so where is question for low acid here? If you supplied HCL supplements while having alkaline or vegetarian food it would actually cause acid indigestion as no acids are required first of all to digest this type of meal. What is required in fact is a steady supply of Alkaline reserves to bring back PH to normal level for every meal and hence I use Organic salts with every meal which not only supply much needed alkaline reserves but also help bring pH to normal.

2) PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor class of druds used for Acid Suppression) :-
The reason these acid blockers (PPI's) have caused havoc is because they are designed poorly and are thus causing more delayed stomach emptying (GP) when taken for long time. So now, If you had GP for Reason X, and once you have started on PPI drugs to suppress acid, your GP is now caused by Reason X + PPI's (as their side effect caused more GP). That is why we must first make all efforts to put a stop to this class of drug as now even if you have resolved your Reason X which cause GP originally; you can still never come out of GP as there is now EXPLICIT or DELIBERATE GP caused by PPI class of drugs, and your GP will persist so long you continue to take them. Remember that Acid Neutralizing is always preferable than acid suppression as we do not want to interfere with logical functioning of stomach which is what these PPI class of drugs do. I have said in so many voices in last several months that you can never ever recover until and unless you get rid of this class (PPI) of drugs.
But you must take care of acid rebound effect when stopping these and also understand what type of food must be ate when you are off acid blockers. See if you ate food that does not require ACID RELEASE; then automatically you are making acid blocker redundant. If you have learnt food behaviors you would be able to understand what to eat and how to eat and eventually your stomach would restore back. I have replaced PPI with TRIPHALA, which is a herb to get final cure. You must read my blog on WordPress to understand mechanism first.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) v/s ORGANIC SALTS
Those with Acid Reflux have benefited by taking ACV (Apple cider Vinegar) just before meals. Apple cider vinegar although very acidic; is ALKALINE forming food there by helps regulate PH of Digested food. The Digested food must be neutralized before it can be passed on to next stage in stomach for digestion. If the PH of digested food is low it just sits there along with acid released for digestion and hence causes acid reflux in some people.
But ACV is very strong, and unless diluted properly can not be used if you have a Sensitive stomach, and so in that case better alternative to use is ORGANIC SALTS like Rock Salt/Black salt/Sea salt (Crystals). I normally combine all of these salts and sprinkle these on all my meals after they are served. These salts are capable of absorbing heat and also help regulate PH of digested food. so, it is safe to say that instead of ACV these ORGANIC SALTS can be used instead to avoid acid indigestion.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Cure!, This is the IDIOM we use to manage or cure GP and all its manifested issues. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaline reserves through Organic salts and seeds , Blood purification and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.

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** A NOTE on How to Stop PPI/H2 Blockers **
Getting off Acid Blockers & Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, Razo etc) is very important first steps in managing this issue. Being on H2 Blockers/PPI class of drugs for long time and then stopping suddenly will have acid rebound effect for first 3-4 days. You must follow soft/grilled/steamed/Roasted ALKALINE only diet when stopping PPI for first one week.  We do not want to use any drugs that interfere with logical functioning of stomach and so getting off PPI/Pro Kinetic class of drugs is very important first steps towards dealing with this complex issue.
Easiest way to do switchover without getting affected by acid bound and other withdrawal effect of PPI's would be to use TRIPHALA capsule after every meal. Triphala HERB is an excellent intestinal cleanse and motility herb and is very important part of managing the GP and subsequent issues.
I have also used  Cold milk (NO Sugar), Baking soda dissolved in water (Not Baking Powder) to sooth  stomach when I felt it turning acidic because of acid rebound effect of stopping PPI for first 3-4 days. Acid neutralizing is always preferred than acid suppression. PPI's also feed delayed emptying making sure that gastro paresis never goes away. No doubt that they (Doctors) call Gastro Paresis as progressive as the very drug they prescribe (PPI class of drugs), make sure that delayed emptying never really gets cured.  While struggling on my GP issues I understood it soon that these drugs (PPI/Motility) were actually making the problem worst, but I found this research only recently because I needed to convince others why one should be wary about using them. Read Discussion Section here:

If one can survive on soft /grilled/steamed/Roasted diet for one week not taking any medicines then you surely will get benefited if you followed steps in my blog sunild1204.WordPress

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Okay guys; let's understand how PPI class of drugs can cause the acidity issues ========================================================= I have seen that women are the most suffering from this issue as I guess they seems to have more interaction with doctors because of women related issues. In a typical scenario this is what happens:-->> 1) A Person goes to Doctor for some issues for which a small surgery was performed. 2) A Person is now prescribed Antibiotics, Painkillers, and PPI class of drugs for acid suppression as Painkillers & Antibiotics cause acidity issues and hence Doctors now as per lates technology use Acid Blockers and NOT Acid neutralizing that was done before Year 1989. 3) A person is asked to continue this prescription for 1-2 weeks ore more; till the surgical area can be healed. 4) A Person has completed the duration of prescription and now discontinues the drugs prescribed including PPI class of drugs 5) Doctors have probably forgotten the ACID REBOUND effect of PPI class of drugs so they never asked patient to do acid neutalizing for the acid that was released after stopping of PPI class of drugs. 6) A Person now feels more bouts of nausea,heaviness etc that are symptoms of acid released becuase of rebound effect of Stopping PPI. 7) So now if you did not have a leaky gut and you did not have a time; you will just ignore these symptoms and so you are saved for the rest. 8) But now if you panic and go back to doctor and Inform that you now have nausea , heaviness etc that are symptoms of Acidity, what happens is that Doctors now put you back on PPI class of drugs to manage your acidity issues. 9) This is now a case where PPI stop acidity for a time , but when you stop them there is a Acid rebound which causes more acid release and since no acid neutralization was recommended upon stopping of PPI you start to get acidity issues. 10) A person can come out of this LOOP if they did acid neutralizing after stopping of PPI class of drugs. But did your doctors inform you this?? 11) A study has already been published that PPI cause and enhance delayed emptying issues (Gastro Paresis) . What if we went back to old ways of acid neutralizing and stopped using acid blockers? Will not the problem go away then !!!. And what more proof is needed? A simple problem of Acidity has become Frankenstein monster in the form of Gastro paresis and most of your are the living proof of how Pharmaceutical are playing the game so well by creating the customers and not providing the cure!!. Okay I just saw a preview of FIRE IN THE BLOOD movie. Seems like they confirm what most of us already know.