Gastroparesis is the pits

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Gastroparesis is the pits
Sun, 12-16-2012 - 7:10pm

Hard to treat and so far whatever they've tried isn't very effective.  Out of the blue I recently met someone who has the exact same problem and like lots of us she had shopped around praying to find a GI who could actually DO something.  He did a botox injection in the area of the LES valve and she says she's been symptom free for about a year now.  I'm jealous she can eat and drink whatever she wants - within reason - and not get sick afterward anymore.  I plan to see this same GI in January to see if I'm also a good candidate for the botox, IF he can give me the info I want.  If it's only good for a very short time, forget it, if it's long lasting that's different.  It isn't so much I miss lots of foods, most of all because for me GP has killed off my appetite, anyway.  Food just is not appealing anymore, I buy tons of it hoping something will get my interest, but I eat very little because you just feel more nauseous after you eat or drink, anyway.  I force myself to eat something but no longer really enjoy any of it, not even chocolate, which tells you how icky this illness is. 

Once again, I'm dropping a GI I'd only seen briefly.  We just didn't communicate at all, at no time did she (or another past GI) EVER EVER EVER tell me that GP even has symptoms!  I thought this last one was talking about the gastritis I'd developed, that's what she was treating me for - she knew I had GP, too, but in the end she gave me a scrip for ranitidine and basically said bye bye.  No longer good enough.  I've never had issues with doctors in the past, but they can do better than this.  You can't enjoy much of anything if you're constantly nauseous.  Very restricted diet and not the healthy high fiber one I'm used to, either.