Not eating properly

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Not eating properly
Sun, 08-12-2012 - 11:04am

I hope one of you can help me. For the last few days (almost a week) I've not had much of an appetite for hours at a time but then I think to myself  "This is stupid, you need to eat" So I find something small and quick to eat and that quickly turns into a massive eating binge. I will just fill up on junk food (crisps, sweets, chocolate etc) It's never happened before until now. I just don't understand how i can have no appetite one minute then i'm binge eating the next. Sometimes I eat that much during a binge eating session that i give myself a stomach ache and feel a bit sick. Some mornings I've been waking up feeling a bit off but I'm not sick.
I've also not been sleeping great over the last 2-3 nights. I've been waking up every hour and struggling to get back to sleep.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? What do you all think it could be? I appreciate any help you guys can give me,
Thank you! 

E <3
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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 7:25pm

:heart:binge eating not good some underlying problem trauma in weeks aheadof the onset have you lost control of somethingin your lifehave you had a diet problem before cabnt get control of things could be any of these things best see drnot much sense in letting iy continue might need more than i can explain here

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gallbladder disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Sleep apnea
  • Get support. You're more likely to succumb to binge eating triggers if you lack a solid support network. Talking helps, even if it’s not with a professional. Lean on family and friends, join a support group, and if possible consult a therapist.i hope i havw been of help in some way cheers lynne
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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 7:54am

It may help if you plan your eating out ahead of time. Instead of going for a quick snack, take the time to actually prepare something more substantial, even if you don't think you are hungry.

Good luck getting a handle on this and please let us know how it is going.

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 6:32pm

i have found a lot of my celiac clients are picky eaters and do a lot of snacking on things they know are not causing stresscould be a clue cheers lynne

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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 2:37pm
A lot of times binge eating, especially on high sugar/fat snacks, is a vicious circle. You don't eat, so your blood sugar gets low, then you eat something high sugar which spikes your blood sugar, but which leads to a crash shortly afterwards when you blood sugar drops again, and then you are on the search for more sugar.

Try moderating your food intake to include protein, moderate fat, and complex carbs at regular meal times, and find some healthy snacks like:

celery with peanut butter
home made trail mix with nuts and dried fruit
yogurt and granola
protein shakes

You sleep will also be impacted by eating habits, and lack of exercise. Try getting out for a nice after supper walk, or fit in some exercise during the day. Stay away from stimulants such as sugar, caffeine before bed and moderate alcohol intake prior to bed as that can also affect sleep patterns.

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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 3:45pm