Odd occurrence

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Odd occurrence
Sun, 01-27-2013 - 7:34pm

yesterday, my stomache was not feeling very well.  I went to the bathroom feeling like I may have some diarrhea.  While I was trying to go, I was hit with this incredible abdominal pain.  It felt like a contraction during pregnancy.  they were a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale.  I started to feel very faint.  My vision started to turn white.  My arms felt like they weighed a ton.  My ears didn't ring but instead had a scratching sound like when a record is done playing.  I had to lay on the floor of my bathroom for quite a while until I felt better.  I have had this happen before but not very often, like once or twice a year.  I have no idea what it is.  I am healthy, not on any medication, and not pregnant .  Any ideas?

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 12:09pm

Hi and welcome to the board. Since this seems to be a recurring issue, I think I would schedule and appointment with the doctor if I were you. It might give you some peace of mind to get it checked out.

Let us know what happens!

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 12:14pm

That sounds scary! I'd certainly encourage you to check with your doctor.