Sharing some info here...about GERD

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Sharing some info here...about GERD
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 8:02am

This is pretty graphic but then so are Gut I never knew this was a symptom so I wanted to share incase someone has this and doesn't know why.

I had mild acid reflux for years. Never thought much of it. I treated it as needed. Then about 3 years ago I started having a strange thing happen. Within an hour of having a bowel movement I'd pass a lot of mucous. Turns out the acid from my stomach was erroding the mucosa in my intestines. I've been on Prilosec 2 x's a day (per Dr.) for 2 years and have not had it happen at all in the past year!

I was also diagnosed with Barretts esophagus which is good to know about so I can prevent it from developing into cancer.

Just wanted to pass on some info here!



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Tue, 05-17-2011 - 2:14pm

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It may be helpful to someone else to have that information.

And I think the only way to talk about GI issues is very frankly, even if it is a bit graphic sometimes. As you say, that is the nature of these things!

Many people are embarrassed to talk about their problems, even to their doctor and so they go on suffering needlessly.

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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 10:52am

Thank you for sharing.