How are you paying for holiday gifts?

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How are you paying for holiday gifts?
Wed, 12-14-2011 - 8:41am

I know money has been tight for most everyone this year and I'm just wondering how you are paying for gifts. Have you set a cash budget or do you have a special credit card? Where do you draw the line at who does and doesn't get gifts from you?

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Sun, 01-08-2012 - 2:56pm

I usually buy for my ds and dd.

Got my brother and dad something.

My kids loved their stockings.

Did not go overboard.

Paid in cash no credit cards.

My ds and I had a lovely day.

He was so looking forward to our turkey.

Cooked it Christmas eve night.

Made a couple of plates up for dd.

She was invited out for supper by a friend.

She stopped over Christmas Day just before heading out.

I believe Christmas is about spending time together, whether it's before, during, or after the holidays.

Our Christmas was the gift of dd being released from the hospital on ds's birthday!