I can feel the stress setting in...

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I can feel the stress setting in...
Tue, 11-29-2011 - 11:18pm


I am 23 and my boyfriend and I moved to Whistler BC this past July.We both had jobs in advance,full time,have a beautiful place to live and life for the most part, up until the last few weeks life has been relatively easy financially.Between the two of us we make about 4 grand a month roughly.Our rent is about a thousand and we don't really buy groceries since my bf is chef and he brings home most of our food from his work.Our bills are average if not slightly below so financially were normally comfortable,except for the obvious fact that Whistler is seasonal,therefore the fall season,up until about mid december is ridiculously quiet.Luckily my job is guarenteed hours but my bf's restaurant closed and it was only supposed to be for a week or so but ended up being a month.We've been living off my pay just making bills the last month now. He got called back to work this past weekend,worked today however is now off again indeffinitly.Theres no point in him looking for part time work,businesses here actually shut down for good this time of yr and the ones that survive can barely afford the employees they already have.No one hires.So he has claimed EI however that takes weeks,sometimes months to process.Christmas is coming and i have a pathetic fake tree i nabbed from the GAP's display case,they were throwing them away.But I don't have decorations,frankly I can't afford them and it devestates me. lol Anyways we know things will pick up for him and we both will surely be doing over time eventually but at this moment all I can think about is what we owe,what we have to pay and when and it's all swirling around in my head. I am getting stressed,I can feel it setting in,and part of me thinks,what if his hours don't go back to normal? He works for the Fairmont so its almost guarenteed things will resolve,but I am still sort of panicky! We try and manage our money but we need to buy proper snow boots and snow pants...we live in the mountains. And things in Whistler are not cheap.Were talking about a cheap loaf of bread still being $5!! How can I not worry about all of this? I feel like were on a roller coaster, we were so relieved when he got called back to work,then 4 days later he's told his hours are cut again! Aaahhh!

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Fri, 12-02-2011 - 8:18am

Aww, I feel for you. Have you sat down and worked out a budget on paper that includes household supplies and groceries? While not fun, I think most of us have been in your shoes at some time or another. Having a plan of attack helps take some of the stress out of the situation because you it helps you feel somewhat in control.

Have you checked discount stores or second hand shops for a few decorations?

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Sun, 12-04-2011 - 8:11pm

Thanks for the response.

Luckily the day he was told he wasn't needed for another week or so they called him back and he now has full time hours again! Finally! Its a huge weight lifted now and when he recieves his EI which now should total about $2000, at that point it will be like extra money since we won't actually need it!

Unfortunately in whistler we don't have discount stores,it isn't a place for people who really can't afford to be here.We have one second hand type store which is not located near the village,its sort of out in the middle of nowhere away from everything lol And it really doesn't have much to it.As far as decorations I ordered some from a co-worker who works for avon,as they had some awesome deals which I took advantage of! :)