New to board, not to stress ;)

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New to board, not to stress ;)
Tue, 03-29-2011 - 10:02pm

Hey all. I was looking for a chronic disease board but mine must be too rare. So who doesn't

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 12:45pm
Hi Christine! Can I ask what you were looking for a board about?

Stress.... you're right, I think we all have it to some degree. Some of us have found that meditation, exercise, therapy, medication, visual imaging or other things can help with our stress. What has worked for you so far?

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 7:21pm

My friends tell me I'm cool and don't let things bother me but as I told someone one time "You don't know what my insides are feelin like".