Stress is really having a number on me and my P...

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Stress is really having a number on me and my P...
Tue, 05-17-2011 - 11:16am

It's no surprise when I miss a period - I've missed a few in the past and they have all been linked to - STRESS-.

My last P was around March 10th. I was more stressed out than normal, though that isn't saying much... I've been near depressed and stressed for almost a year now. But my DH and I had a big fight where I really upset myself, on top of still being unemployed and no insurance, and having 2 near job offers only to be lost to "politics", it surely has not been fun.

Stress has really messed my period up as of late. I'd say in the past year, only half of my periods have been "on time". The other half have been anywhere from 1.5-2.5 weeks late or I missed it entirely. But I usually cycle 33 days so when April 12th came and went, I blamed stress. Though the thought of pregnancy started stressing me out too - well, what if it wasn't stress? What if a condom broke, sperm went flying and one made it. I tried staying positive about it. Sure my DH wanted to start trying soon, but with being unemployed, we were holding off, so not having insurance or a job would not be a good time for a baby right now... and the chances that i was pregnant were very slim... we always use protection and I have entirely NO symptoms... I think pregnancy is out of the question - but I'm too scared to find out and too broke to see a doctor! haha

So, in the back of my mind, I search the internet for clues - check for signs I might have missed - nothing. Besides a missed period, everything is normal, it MUST be stress. But I'm now stressing out about the slim chance of pregnancy.. it doesn't end, does it!

The week of May 9th - almost a month after my missed period and finally, some type of sign. My breasts are starting to hurt. Typical period symptom, and it seems appropriate because my period is due the next week. I'm also kinda cranky - I think PMS has hit.

So here I am just waiting for my next cycle. I haven't been too stressed this past month so I figure it should get back on schedule. If it is, I am due for my Period around May 15th. I've never missed more than one period at a time either so I'm hopeful it is coming.

It's now May 17th - technicaly my period is late 2 days. My breasts are still sore but the soreness has not increased or decreased. That's it. Nothing else wrong with me.

You know when you first get your period, you feel weak, your lower back and stomach have a dull ache, and usually with me, not to get too personal here, but I tend to have diarrhea the day of my period - well, i feel like that now, but i didn't have my period yet! Strange... maybe it's preparing itself for later today or tomorrow?

Wow, talk about bad timing though. Sure I want my period to come, but now I hope it waits until the weekend because I have two interviews this week! haha

But I keep telling myself that there is no way I can be pregnant. First, we always use protection and there has never been the slightest mishap. Second, I think if I were '9+ weeks pregnant by now' I'd start to have SOME type of symptoms, right?! But I don't. And what are the chances that my breasts start to be tender a week before my next cycle is to occur? If they were tender because of pregnancy, wouldn't that have been a month ago? So all these things point to 'not pregnant' - and man, women would die to have my genes if I can get pregnant having protective sex, and on top of that, not have any horrible symptoms that most woman dread when pregnant... right? I'd be the talk of the town - women would be so jealous of me to be able to get pregnant so quick with protection AND to have a pregnancy "pain free"! haha

So I'm 99% sure I'm not pregnant, but that 1% is driving me crazy! Why don't I get my P by now!?

Ladies, how many periods have you missed in a row due to stress? Can stress really have such a big impact on your period that it can stop you from having your period 1,2,3+ months in a row?

I'm thinking if I don't get it in the next 2 weeks, I'll break the bank to buy a test. I'll get insurance starting July 1 through my DH, so I guess the first thing would be to go to the doctor and get myself checked out. Maybe they can give me something for the stress! haha

Thanks for listening. <3

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Thu, 05-19-2011 - 11:59am

First you need to calm down.