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Sun, 11-04-2012 - 6:41pm

If you can post, please, please let me know you are still around!!

Beth, Central NY, grateful my area missed the superstorm. Praying for all those affected!

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Hi all....I am Brenda, alcoholic, and glad to finally get posts to work again.  I downloaded Chrome because there was no other way to get  I hope nobody else is having these issues.  I am in NC and just found out that I have another great grandbaby coming...and these babies I can be a part of their lives....I am sober, happy, and loving every day of my life now....a far cry from where I was before sobriety.  Looking forward to hearing from everyone else....

Alcohol, Addictions & Recovery. It's a long way down, but only 12 steps UP
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Hi I'm Frances 7 months sober in Sunny Florida.  Turned 50 last month and was grateful to wake up the day after without a hangover.  I'm blessed and humbled with my recovery and thankful for each person who has contributed in anyway including women on this board.



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  I am MJ and married to a functioning alcholic.  We have been married for a year and a half and he quit in February, but now drinks only one or two weeekend nights.  It's difficult though as it's only when he's drunk that he gets really honest with me.  He may have addiction problems (I honestly have more of an issue with his smoking than with his drinking), but I have some emotional problems of my own, so, together...we're quite a pair.  We love each other dearly and at ages 50 and 52 feel very fortunate just to have each other and take care of each other.  He has some health issues, so also suffers depression, so I deal with that as well when he's drunk.  Being a woman of strong faith, I am doing well, but I tell him after a night of "honesty" that he exhausts me.