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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 3:35pm

My first gratitude is being able to post.  LOL   Been shut out for a while now and today....lo and behold....I can post.  Second, I am about to celebrate my 15th sober Thanksgiving and this one is with my daughter, grandchildren, and great grandson.  This is the same daughter that would not let me see those kids the first 10 years of my sobriety.  This is the same daughter that said she did not have a mother...and then refused all contact with me.  Tomorrow will be the 5th Thanksgiving that I have been asked to sit at her table with all the grandchildren...and now the added blessing of Austin, the Great.  It truly is a life beyond my wildest dream.  Thanks to the God of my understanding and the program of AA to enable this to be my life today.  

What are you grateful for??

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I'm grateful for my husband and that we were BOTH sober last night.   I'm grateful for my 7 1/2 months of sobriety and finding a recovery group that feels right most of the time.  I'm grateful for God's faithfulness and how I've never been disappointed when I have truly cried out for help.  I'm grateful that my 2 daughters are here and their mom will not be hung over today.  I'm grateful for my 50 years of life as I watch several dear friends younger than I am  battle the disease of cancer.  I'm grateful for how my friend's acceptance of her disease and fighting cancer has oddly helped me accept my disease.   I'm grateful for people who are wiser than I who are willing to share with me so I can grow. 

I am VERY GRATEFUL to have the week off for Fall break and grateful for the students who I teach and my job. 

I'm grateful for this board and the faithful ones here.  Brenda, Beth, etc.




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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 6:50pm

As it was last year, this year was bittersweet. I find myself grateful for those I have with me, and grateful for the time I had with those who are gone. 

Love to all