Apologizing and updating

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Apologizing and updating
Mon, 02-28-2011 - 6:48pm

I am so sorry that I am not on the board as often as I would like. If it takes a couple of days to get back to you, please forgive me.

My dad was released from the nursing home's physical and occupational therapy rehab last Wednesday. He is so terribly frail, but was deemed able to return to his own apartment. Since it is snowy and icy here, my Knight (in slightly tarnished armor) and I are doing his grocery shopping, laundry and setting out his medications.

Add to that helping my MIL go through FIL's papers (so far we have found mostly garbage, but did find 3 insurance policies Mom knew nothing about). We only have gone through 1 file cabinet and 1 box. More to go!!!

Then, of course, we have kids. And it is cold and flu season. Enough said.

Wait...I work too, don't I???

Anyway, be patient with me!!!

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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 11:50am
(((((Beth))) My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I could do more....you definately keep being my hero.
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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 6:29am
HI Beth, thinking of you all. It hasn't quite been 4 months for me being a widow, and even with a will, still not done with all the probate and lawyer stuff so tell your MIL to be patient as it takes awhile for the paperwork. She is lucky she has you as I have been pretty much alone in all of this. love, Josie
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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 5:32am

...Beth, I am willing to help...if you're tired of the snow and ice, step outside and blow it toward Louisville...I'll take it...

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Mon, 02-28-2011 - 8:44pm

Beth - I urge you to be "patient with yourself!"