Am I enabling him?

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Am I enabling him?
Sun, 03-27-2011 - 11:31am

My h and I have been together for 15 years.

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Sun, 03-27-2011 - 7:04pm

Hello and welcome!

Sounds to me like you are sticking to your guns. He can get sober- should get sober- without you at his side. Getting sober requires a kind of tunnel vision that seems selfish. That doesn't mean he can't see you and get together as a family, it does mean that you are not responsible in any way, shape, or form for his recovery- he is! That doesn't mean you can't drive him to meetings, but it does mean that you don't force him in the car!!!

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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 4:54pm

It is a thin line between enabling him and helping him.