Inexperienced Family wants Advice on First Steps to Tx of one of our fam Members....

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Inexperienced Family wants Advice on First Steps to Tx of one of our fam Members....
Wed, 11-16-2011 - 11:55am

Sounds sorta like a line - but several of us were talking yesterday about a family member who is just GOING TO HAVE to get treatment for alcoholism.

This has gone on for years --- and talking just does not help.

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Wow....what a load for you all to bear. I would get some professional help for this. Call your local Council on Alcoholism. This link might help

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Beth made some excellent suggestions. Also, (and sadly) you cannot make anyone get sober or go to treatment. You could try an intervention, but it would need to be done by someone who is trained in doing them. You can, however, help the consequences of one's drinking to get serious. If you believe the children are in jeopardy you need to contact social services in their area and talk to a case worker. Depending the ages of the children - you may want to have them speak frankly to an alcohol counselor so they will not trust a drunken mother driving them around. If they are little, all the more reason to contact social services.
Please know this too: alcoholism is a fatal and progressive disease. It is not a matter of lousy willpower - it is a true disease. No one asks to become an alcoholic and do crazy things. Sadly, unless an alcoholic wants to get and stay sober, no power on earth can make that happen. Best wishes. Best to talk to experts - addictions counselors, etc. and then devise a cohesive plan.