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Thu, 03-31-2011 - 11:01am
I'm not even sure why he does it but im about done. I just hope he will move out peacefully.

I caught him lying to me again. I just can't take any more lies. He's still using the suboxone even tho he kept saying he was done with it.

He bought two more from his friend. In an attempt to be honest with me, he told me he bought them. showed me where he kept them. But said, "I don't plan to take them. They are a backup, IF I need them. And I'll tell you if I decide to take it." hmm, I count two lies right there. 1) he WAS planning to take them. 2) he was NOT planning to tell me.

Each time I had to confront him and then he would fess up. Then, if you saw my post on the other board, he got drug tested and sent home. Granted the test was a false positive for something I've never heard of (butalbital) but it sparked a new series of events.

His urine same was sent off for a retest. The while weekend he kept saying he was clean. Said he forgave me for not believing him and calling him a liar. I was actually starting to believe he was done with the suboxone.

Long story short, I checked his supply and found a few pieces missing. Two of the pieces he tried to fool me by replacing them with pieces of vitamin B. Like I'm so stupid and wouldn't tell the difference. omg.

After finding this I just felt numb. And over it. My gut was right. He has some serious problems that he is in denial about. He won't change. I gotta get out of this relationship.... before he drags me down with him.

I don't think he gets it yet. And I'm not sure how I can get him to leave without him making a scene. My sister suggested I threaten to call the cops on him. Or threaten to expose his secret to his ex(who is fighting him about child visitation ect).

He finally has a doctor's appointment today but the sad thing is... this appointment isn't for him to get help. He made it only as a con to get his job back (since the drug test found the suboxone and he doesn't have a script... yet). After he gets his "note from the doctor", he doesn't plan on going back. I guess he still think getting it off the streets is no big deal. Well, it is to me. Sigh. I'm disappointed and saddened.

thanks for letting me share. looking for hugs and support.

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Fri, 04-01-2011 - 6:09am

Oh Pep!

Many hugs and words of love and encouragement winging your way through cyberspace.

I need to ask you, are the benefits you get from this relationship still outweighing the negatives? If the negatives are heavier,

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Fri, 04-01-2011 - 9:26am
I am so sorry you are having to go thru all of this. I agree with Beth...and I pray you find a solution that is right for YOU. Keep posting.....getting everything out of our heads makes it easier to find the right path. Prayers for you.....God bless...
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