my boyfriend is coming home from what?

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my boyfriend is coming home from what?
Wed, 09-21-2011 - 10:24pm

I've been dating a guy for 7 months (I've known him for a lot longer) and he went into treatment a few weeks ago for the first and hopefully only time.

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Hello and welcome!

The best thing (in my opinion) that you could do is go to AlAnon or NarAnon. They are 12 step programs for friends and families of alcoholics. The second thing you can do is buy and read the book Co-Dependent No More by Melodie Beatty. These two things may help you NOT fall into a bad habits. I am not saying you are co-dependent now...but we tend to want to help the people we love, and addicts need to help themselves. You can also call the facility, ask if they have recommendations.

Please stick around, we will be here.


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Beth gave you some excellent advice about Al-Anon and reading a great book. Please know that your bf is going to go through major changes emotionally, physically, and mentally. He may experience wide ranges of emotions in short periods of time. He may (if he takes sobriety seriously) seem to spend all his time at meetings and with other recovering people. All of those things are normal and natural, but in the interim, you might find yourself getting resentful and even angry that things are changing. Get support for yourself and take the focus off of him - he needs to do many things if he is to stay sober, but you also need to take care of yourself! Best wishes. Please come back and post here too for support!
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Yep....I agree completely with Beth and Leslie.....and please keep posting and let us know how things are working for YOU.
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