Update on visit with therapist

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Update on visit with therapist
Fri, 03-18-2011 - 3:51pm
This was a godsend! The office is walking distance from work. So I won't need to take a lot of time off. I can go during my lunch break.

I get 6 free visit thru my EAP.... that adds up to 6 weeks.... I hope that's enough time to sort this all out. Unfortunately this counselor does not specialize with addictionology, but I found him helpful for me. And he said he can help me with boundaries and getting a new and healthy vision for my future.

He said pretty much everything you all have been saying but it's good to hear it from a live person. He did acknowledge that the PMS is manifested by the outside stressors. And lately those have been almost unbearable so he recommended an appointment with my regular physician. Antidepressants? Maybe a low grade, short term while I reorganize my life. I gave that appointment Monday.

Yes, I plan to get help for me... and then continue to encourage BF to get help for himself too. He may be unwilling. He may have excuses. For now, BF says he will "look into it" and he doesn't want to lose me. I need to "dig in my heals" the therapist said. Either BF is in treatment or he is in denial. And bottom line is I cannot move forward with someone in denial. Breakup could be emanate.

To which I said "I'm praying for an army to back me up. That I cannot do this alone."

Then the T said, "ok you've opened the door. I'm a pastor." wow, can you believe that?! I asked for God's hand and I received. Thank you God. I know I'm on the right path... I just need to keep moving forward. Things will get better. The pastor said "you have an army of angels surrounding you and protecting you" and I believing him.

I have a nagging feeling that BF isn't ready and I will need an army to enforce my boundaries. Maybe he will be ready tho. There is still a chance he will take recovery serious. Either way. I have my army to back me up. Praise him.

Thanks for letting share.

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Fri, 03-18-2011 - 7:30pm
How awesome! I find help in the strangest places too. It is all around us when we open up enough with others to let them know we are hurting and need a helping hand. Hang on to that miracle. Life is full of little miracles if we just open our eyes to see them. That is the BIG miracle. ;O)
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Sat, 03-19-2011 - 6:27pm
It sounds like you have help and hope - that is wonderful. We must always look within ourselves for our ticket to a happy life - not depending on what others do or don't do. Best wishes, and please keep coming back here for support. You are most definitely not alone!
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Mon, 03-21-2011 - 5:13pm
K, I saw my primary physician today. Haven't seen one in 4 years actually. He wrote me a prescription for a low dose antidepressant. This should help with the panic attacks I've had (didn't even know that's what they were but I've had the racing heart and shaking feeling)

I see the antidepresseant as a short term bridge as I sort this out; a step to focus on ME. My battle plan, if you will. I'll get my health in order, my thoughts in order, my spirituality in order.... Yes, then I will be able to trust myself again. So that's where I'm at.... One day at a time.

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