Another smoker that needs to quit

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Another smoker that needs to quit
Sun, 05-05-2013 - 12:26pm

My mother harps on me daily about smoking and while it makes me angry, I know she is right. I just don't want to quit. I know all about how bad it is so why don't I want to quit? How do you make yourself decide you have to quit smoking?

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Wed, 05-15-2013 - 11:26am

HI and welcome to the board. I have heard that those who are most successful in quitting smoking are those who decide to do it for themselves. It sounds like you are now interested in quitting (since you are here asking about it) so just keep talking to yourself until you talk yourself into it.

Good luck!  :-)


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Wed, 07-10-2013 - 12:44pm

In my experience, I find that if someone tells me what I need to do, I will rebel. I have that rebelious nature.  So, like Karla said, I had to want to do it for myself and not think about what others want me to do.  The day I quit, I didnt know I was going to quit.  I walked into the store, the guy said the cartons were now 10 dollars more than before...huge price increase...and I got mad.  I went to see my friend, threw my pack of cigs on the table and swore I would never pick up one again....and I havent.  I watched my mom die from lung cancer...I saw my dad have the lower left lobe of a lung removed due to lung cancer, I saw the commercials, and I quit jobs that would not have smoking somewhere on the premise.  But that price hike was my breaking point.  So, find your breaking point.  What are cigs doing to you that is totally unacceptable to you.  Keep that in the front of your quit...and know that YOU are the one making the decision....and a decision that is not followed by action is a complete and utter fantasy.  If it never happens, a decision was not make...only a wish.  Good luck on your willingness to look at this quit as a happy thing for you to do.  Let us know how you are doing...

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