Divorce May Up Kids' Odds for Smoking as Adults

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Divorce May Up Kids' Odds for Smoking as Adults
Wed, 03-27-2013 - 1:35pm

According to Health Day News, kids may pick up smoking to help cope with their parents' divorce. "Children whose parents divorce are more likely to smoke as adults than kids from families of divorce, according to a new study." more

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Wed, 07-10-2013 - 12:56pm

I dont know about that.  It is another way of blaming the parents for the kids actions.  If a child does not have smoking parents, he will have friends that smoke and he will make a personal choice.  Now, a lot of his choice depends on the values given to him by his parents.  I am not saying that a parent is not responsible for teaching a child good actions.  I am saying that each child makes their own choice.  My parents taught me.  No divorce.  No alcoholism.  No child beatings.  And I chose to smoke, even when I knew I would get in trouble.  One of my best friends now came from a broken home, alcoholic mother, all that stuff, and she has never smoked.  I have two girls.  One smokes...the other dont.  Parents teach ... and kids do what they choose.  Each child is different.  

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