E-cig "vapor" looks like pollution to me / by sylvia kronstadt

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E-cig "vapor" looks like pollution to me / by sylvia kronstadt
Tue, 03-18-2014 - 5:25pm

E-cig Semantics: If this isn't a smoke-filled room, I don't know what is

       Damn: This is disappointing. The sun finally came out, after weeks of dreary weather (which I actually prefer), and I had my draperies open, to let the light pour in through my floor-to-ceiling windows. I have a beautiful second-story view of sky, mountains and huge pine trees.

    I sat down to work at my computer, with my ever-delightful e-cig as my companion. Ah, that caramel hazelnut flavor inspires such insightful prose. I blow and think. Blow and write. Rinse and repeat. How nice.

    Then, in a moment of struggle to pluck that perfect word out of my jam-packed old brain, I looked up, to gaze at my scenic outdoor panorama.

    The swaths of bright light revealed that I was sitting in a smoke-filled room. I was appalled.

    You say it wasn't smoke, it was vapor. It didn't seem all that vaporous to me. It hung in the room, spreading everywhere. The breeze from our whole-house air cleaner propelled fanciful, slow-dancing plumes here and there, undulating and curling, lilting  and swirling. They had sparkles in them, that seemed to be what is known among we clean-air advocates as "particulates." They weren't in any hurry to go anywhere. Maybe they were just cells from my radiant skin, which were sloughing off, as skin cells are wont to do? I hope so.

    They weren't behaving like water vapor. I take long, hot showers. I have sat in many a steam room, entertaining the ladies with outrageous, made-up stories about my life (I was a drunk. I gave it up, and am now an inveterate truth-teller). I know the dynamics of vapor. I am basically a Connoisseur of Vapor!

    Steam dissipates, quickly and cleanly. This looked to me like pollution.

    Like many vapers, I have been concerned about the health effects of e-cigs from the start. They have always seemed too good to be true.

    I have already gathered a whole bunch of research data on this issue, which I will be using in an upcoming post. I conveniently repressed all the stuff I read in journal articles about the dangers of vaping, so I wouldn't be obliged to quit for the time being. I really don't remember what I've got in my voluminous notes, but my sense is that the weight of the evidence -- inconclusive and sometimes contradictory though it is -- will be too great for me to rationalize my continued joy in using these products. My lungs, my breathing, my jogging like a rampaging beast through the darkened streets, give me greater joy.

    "You can't handle the truth." That's the state I've been in for seven months. I can't handle it if I want to continue.

    But once I go back to my data, and put it into a reasoned blog post, I plan on handling it. I still hold out a vague hope that the evidence will be so weak, I can dismiss it. I can reassure myself that the polluted air in my city is worse for me, and vacuuming is worse, and stir-frying is worse, and having two cats in the house -- spewing particulate dander -- is worse. Maybe I'll say what the hell, I'm pretty old already, and I smoked tobacco for decades, and I'm doing OK healthwise in spite of that, and I don't have many comforts in my life, so why not give myself this gift?

    It's seeming less like a gift, after the goddam sunshine revealed, in such a graphic, ominous way, what I'm ingesting.

    This is a very sad time for me, so please stop calling every five minutes. I'll call you, once my mourning period is over.