Emphysema and still smoking

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Emphysema and still smoking
Sun, 07-07-2013 - 10:17am

I just don't get it. One of the ladies at work has emphysema and still walks a block down the street several times a day to smoke. You would have thought that the diagnosis alone would be enough to deter her smoking but then add in the fact she can't smoke anywhere on the premises but nothing seems to have made a dent. Why are people like this?

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Tue, 07-09-2013 - 4:43pm

That is a good question.  My ex mother-in-law wore a bottle of oxygen, would take it off, go outside to smoke, then come back in and put it on.  She got where she could not walk across the room without stopping to catch a breath.  She passed away in her sleep.  I never could figure out why she couldnt just stop.  Her son stopped when he moved to my state to be with me out of respect for my not smoking.  He was stopped for 8 years...then....when we broke up and I moved....he picked up a cig again and now is struggling to stop again.  I pray he makes it...and he had moved his mom into his house so he had a live in view of what his mom was doing.  I cant figure it out...I just know that I had to quit, so I did.  NO..it was not easy...but it was necessary if I wanted to continue breathing.  Addiction, no matter what you are addicted to, is horrible...and hard to break.

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Thu, 07-25-2013 - 10:27am
Addiction is a powerful thing. If you have never had one...there is nothing anyone can say to have you "get" it. I can only equate it to you eating your favorite food. If you could not for the rest of your life have it....you would be uncomfortable. People without using the substance they are addicted too become very uncomfortable and it is very hard for them to stay away from the thing that is hurting them. Addiction is a genetic predisposition, biologics is very complicated. Be blessed that you do not have an addiction.