Choosing the right flowers

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Choosing the right flowers
Sun, 04-28-2013 - 9:08am

Forgive me if I am in the wrong place but I am wondering how you go about choosing the right flowers to send to a funeral. Does it matter what you send and do the close family and loved ones even notice? 

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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 10:17pm


No apology needed and that is a good question.  Are you going to the shop to purchase the flowers or are you going to call and have flowers sent?  I know when I have called and had flowers sent in the past, the people whom sell them have been helpful in giving ideas of what type of flower arrangement would be a good option.  Please let us know if this helps.


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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 9:08am

Hi Mary,

When I am chosing flowers for someone I try to be mindful and pick something that has meaning. When my father died the flowers meant so much to us. His friends had taken the time to chose his favorite flowers and we all noticed right away. It really was touching to us as it showed us that he was truly cared about.

I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say about this topic.