Decorate the special Christmas Tree

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Decorate the special Christmas Tree
Wed, 12-22-2010 - 10:53pm

As Christmas is approaching I have a virtual Christmas tree . Instead of trimming it with pretty orniments I am trimming mine with beautiful golden leaves, each leaf bearing the name of a loved one we have lost.

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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 1:46am
One for James, one for my uncles Raymond and Marvin, for my aunts Louise, Betty and Kay, for my cousin Andy, my grandparents: Minnie, Clarence, Albert, Dorothy, just to name a few! ;-)

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Thank you Dedi and Kelly for my
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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 5:00am
violet - my Mom

David - my husband
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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 5:52am
What a wonderful idea, Promise.

One golden leaf each for my father, my friends E., C., J., K., my cousins A., A., C. and F., my grandparents and my aunts and uncles.
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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 10:36am

My best friend and soul sister Lizzy B.

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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 6:54pm
Great idea! I'd like to add one beautiful leaf each for Bill, Ora, Harold, Melba, Matt, Terri, Howard, and Courtney.
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Fri, 12-24-2010 - 1:03pm

What an awesome idea, Promise!

The first leaf I place on the tree is for the first love of my life, my daddy. I'm also hanging leaves for LaVerta, Pauline, Pete, Glen

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Fri, 12-24-2010 - 10:43pm

I just need to add another leaf for