Is the holiday season tough to get through since your loss?

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Is the holiday season tough to get through since your loss?
Mon, 12-02-2013 - 10:01am

Is the holiday season hard to get through since the loss of your loved one? How do you cope?


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I LOST my best friend a year ago, she was murdered...:('s been very hard although this is the second Christmas.

I just miss her. My ds and I moved so at first it was very hard making new friends.

About three days before Christmas I lost one of my new friends.

Very hard especially when they have children.

I also lost two family members at Christmas my Beloved Mom and her DAD, my grand-pa...

My dd was born at Christmas and my ds just celebrated a birthday.

I do love the holidays, my mom did to...I have some very Good Memories...:)...the most important thing though is to make New Ones!

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It is VERY difficult to get through this holiday season since my son died in April. He loved Christmas-everything about it. I feel we should be fighting about Christmas Carols (when to begin playing them-who we had to listen to), not listening to the radio or silence. I can't stand to go to the stores-all those decorations-it just feels wrong. I gave our daughters money to buy for our grandchildren & I'm giving the adults gift cards-I can do nothing more.

Adam was 28-but he was handicapped, severely, & developmentally delayed. So he'd never lived independently-& now there is a hole in our hearts & in our lives. He loved the music of Christmas, he loved the gift giving-both receiving & giving, he loved the decorations & when we'd go anywhere he'd love to return in the dark so he could see the lights in other homes too. He was adopted, & until he came here, at the age of 3yrs, he didn't know Christmas-so he embraced it entirely.

I'm hoping next year will be better-this year is painful. They say the year of "firsts" is the worst-even the first snowfall hurt. We will move around the anniversary of his death-we no longer need a big house or all this land. And we hope that another house will provide new surroundings, where we can remember the good times & begin to forget the painful ones. We want to be closer to some of our kids & grandkids.


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~hugs~ <3