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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 10:33am

Hello everyone, another Holiday upon us, just wanted to wish everyone the best Easter they can have without their loved ones.  Holidays are so hard makes you think of the ones gone by that you shared with loved ones that are no longer here with us.  I no longer have my friend Sue to share holidays with, I still miss her so much, my dear Mother has been gone for so long now, but I still miss her so much as well, and this year will probably be the last Easter my brother is with us, that to me is almost unthinkable.  I try and focus on all the blessings I have that does help, I have 3 wonderful daughters and 3 cutie pie grandkiddies, they just melt my heart, but there is still a underlying sadness not having my loved ones with me on holidays.  I hope everyone has a peaceful Easter




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Happy Easter Kathy,

I miss my friend Cindy to very much...:(...and my Beloved Mom...:(...

I have my dd and my ds, no grand-kids and my Dad and Sister live far dd and my brother live in another city, my ds and I live together.

We are having pizza, he is watching his show and I am on my computer...

Hope you have a great one, I am thinking about you...

I find it very lonely this year.

It's our first Easter here...



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Fri, 04-05-2013 - 5:32am

I can understand and feel it too more now on holidays as each year passes along.

I came to the realization maybe 10 years ago on Valentines Day.  That was just another day, a day to sit and wait for cards or flowers or teddy bears.  And, those material items really are just material items.  A touch, hug, kiss can put a smile on someone's face.

Do you find 4 of July hard as well or not so much?  I use to grill out with friends in college and now, we don't even own a outdoor grill, by our choice, so I miss the cookouts.  I have a new special day around the 4th of July.  This coming summer on July 5, DH and I will have made it a ten year marriage, horray, sorry.  Marriage can be rough and alot of work, but worth it all.  Still want to look into renewing our wedding vows?!?!

Sorry, I got off the topic there a moment.  I agree with you about the holidays.  Hug.