My dad can't get over George Jones dying

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My dad can't get over George Jones dying
Tue, 05-14-2013 - 11:45am

My father was a die-hard George Jones fan and he is completely tore up over his death. He has spent the last two weeks watching videos and listening to George Jones songs and crying every night. I understand he really liked the guy but I am concerned because he is taking this like he really knew the man and like they were best friends or something. Is this normal for someone to carry on like this when a star dies? 

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Sun, 05-19-2013 - 12:09pm

Your father may have far more going on in his life. Have you tried spending more time talking to him? He may be crying out for some help.

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Sat, 06-08-2013 - 12:04am

How is your father doing?  How are you doing?