My dad passed away Father's day 2011....

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My dad passed away Father's day 2011....
Fri, 10-28-2011 - 11:09pm


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Sat, 10-29-2011 - 8:50am
I am very sorry. My dad died 2 days after Fathers day in 1993 and Mom died the saturday after Mothers day, and my husband died the week before Thanksgiving last year, so I know about holidays being especially hard for us grieiving.
Know that your dad knew you loved him and I believe our loved ones live on in our hearts so he can "hear" you know.
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Sat, 10-29-2011 - 12:24pm

Sweetie, your dad knew how much you loved him and he has taken your love with him when he passed to Summerland Heaven. I wish I could ease the pain of yourself and all those who come here in sadness and sorrow. You are all in my thoughts and messages I send upward.

In Gentleness