A poem, in memory of my dad

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A poem, in memory of my dad
Wed, 04-18-2012 - 10:41am

When all is quiet I know,
that you always think of me.

Whether staring at the starry sky,
or at the calm blue sea.

My heart and mind were oh so strong,
I stayed as long as I could bear.

Then saw a light and followed it,
my journey ended here.

I’m in a place you’d recognize,
with friends from long ago.

They welcomed me with open arms,
they said to say hello.

I feel you struggle every day,
I see you when you cry.

I hear you when you talk to God,
and when you ask Him, “why”?

I wish that I could tell you,
you’ll just have to watch for signs.

You’ll see them if you let yourself,
you’ll see them all the time.

I cannot tell you how I miss you,
but that bird you saw today?

That was me, just stopping by,
to say that I’m okay.

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Wed, 04-18-2012 - 11:53am

That poem was beautiful, then I got to the end, and my heavens it so hit home.

I have had a Robin bird try to fly into my front window for over a week.

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Wed, 04-18-2012 - 11:56am

That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I know it will comfort all who read it.