A sign from nature your lost loved one okay

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A sign from nature your lost loved one okay
Sun, 09-22-2013 - 1:35pm

Have you ever seen a sign in nature (like a cloud formation) that seemed to tell you your lost loved one was okay?

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Sun, 10-06-2013 - 1:32pm

The day my mother in law died we saw a huge round cloud with a hole in the middle float by as we were at the graveside. Birds were chirping beautifully and we took it to mean she had crossed the threshold into heaven. It was an absolutely glorious sign.

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Tue, 11-05-2013 - 11:57am

Our son died in April-not unexpected, he'd been sick his whole life, & at his Cardiology appointment in December we learned that his single functioning lung lobe (normally we have 5)had quit working-I guess he was breathing mainly by osmosis-& sheer determination. We wanted his passing to be as gentle as possible-which meant at home, surrounded by the love of his family & pets. And so it was-my husband & I spent the night before stroking his arms, talking to him & reminding him how very much we loved him. My sister brought Mom out about 7am-& while Mom was not terribly comfortable talking to him, she did stroke his legs & comment how cold they felt. Mike & I took turns at his head-the other was at his arms. The dogs were in & out-in fact one picked up a car & stood to show it to Adam-when he didn't react, she spit it out & left. The cats were there-one just curled up at his feet & slept, his "special cat" meowed at the bedside constantly.

It was Mike's turn at his head & I realized Adam had not taken a breath again. I used a stethoscope-then called 911 & reported a death at home, expected. And left it to the dispatcher to do the rest. The paperwork was done-everything was fine. Later that day, as our other children came home & neighbours were here to help-I sat on the deck in shock. As I said-expected, but certainly not wanted. Adam was adopted-he'd spent his first 3 years as a patient in the PediatricsICU where I worked-& when he came here, he learned to love everything about nature. His favourite bird was always the spectacular Cardinal-whatever we were doing, when Cardinals came to the feeders, we had to come to admire them with him. And that day-a Cardinal sat in the tree just off the deck & sang & sang & sang-I'd never heard one sing so long nor so loud. I felt as though he was sending me a message that it was okay-Adam was using the Cardinal to say he was okay, he could breathe easier & he was no longer in pain. I still cry-I'm crying now as I write this, of course-but I know he's okay. His life on earth was too short, he had to trail oxygen tubing & he complained seldom but we knew when he hurt-but now he can be free-I know because his favourite bird told me so.