She Used an Alternative Approach to Fight Breast Cancer

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She Used an Alternative Approach to Fight Breast Cancer
Thu, 10-10-2013 - 8:29am

And she won! According to iVillage Health, Mailet Lopez decided to try something different in her fight with Breast Cancer. "...I knew that I had some big decisions to make -- ones that would affect the rest of my life. From the onset of the whole ordeal, I was against chemo and radiation. Just because it was the standard protocol didn't mean it was right for me. I wanted time to think and explore other options, but it was hard to ignore the urgency I felt from my doctors and my family. My doctors gave me two options: remove the whole breast (mastectomy) and undergo radiation and chemotherapy or remove only the tumor (lumpectomy), hope for clean markers and follow up by chemotherapy and radiation. The mastectomy was highly recommended.

Out of these two options, I felt that the lumpectomy was the least invasive, but I was not comfortable with either of the scenarios provided following surgery. I was convinced there was another way, so I began searching high and low for any information I could get my hands on...." read more

Have you tried anything different?


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I don't know about this.  I only know that my husband's ex-wife went the alternative route about 5 years ago and died.  She ultimately did the traditional surgery and chemo/radiation, but it was too late.  Her tumor metastasized and she didn't make it.  I don't have much faith in alternative therapies/meds.  She was only 53 when she died.  Had she gone the tradition route, she might be alive today.