Antioxidant Supplements Don't Help Women Get Pregnant

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Antioxidant Supplements Don't Help Women Get Pregnant
Thu, 08-15-2013 - 8:06am

According to Health Day News, if you are taking antioxidants to help get pregnant, they aren't working. "For women who are trying to get pregnant, there is no evidence that taking antioxidant supplements will improve their chances, a new review shows.

Researchers analyzed data from 28 clinical trials that included a total of 3,548 women attending fertility clinics. Women who took antioxidant supplements were no more likely to become pregnant than those who took an inactive placebo or received standard treatment, including folic acid." read more

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Studies on vitamins are really tricky to prove for sure because there are so many variables, however they sure aren't going to do any harm. Anything that could help is probably worth a go - and above all a positive mental attitude is essential.