Breast Reduction - New patients or thinking about it?

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Breast Reduction - New patients or thinking about it?
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 3:00pm

Hi Ladies,

Anyone new out there had the surgery to reduce your breasts or thinking about it? I would love to get some more chat on this board, in case we have some new people out there just lurking... we can give them some help/hope/thoughts on how the surgery did or may change your life. I know for me, it absolutely changed my life for the better. Being large breasted all my life and into my 40's was good for a while, until they inhibited my daily routines and started heading south - lol! I do so much more now and clothes are so easy to shop for, especially bras.

So if anyone is checking this site and has questions - shoot! We will try and answer them timely and with hopefully, the answers that help.

Stay happy and healthy, all!

Nancy Kiss