Did you see Bridalplasty?

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Did you see Bridalplasty?
Mon, 11-29-2010 - 2:52pm

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the contestants are predominantly attractive women who are shallow. Yes, some of them could stand to lose weight. Why haven't they shed it the old-fashioned, diet-and-exercise way? That's not addressed, but the reason is clear: A quick liposuction fix is easier and faster. And hey! Why not go on a TV show and get famous while you lose those extra pounds? (One contestant, Alexandra, did lose 91 lbs. on The Biggest Loser, but she still wants a tummy tuck, an arm tuck and an eye tuck.)

Then there are the beautiful girls whose good looks aren't good enough for them. "I'm used to getting what I want, and if I don't, I just cry until I get what I want," says Cheyenne, a gorgeous, perfect 10 who wants to smooth the teeny bump on her nose. Kristen, who is literally a beauty pageant contestant, still finds the need to get lipo. And then there's Netty, who'd like more junk in her trunk in order to flaunt it. "I absolutely know that I intimidate other women," she tells the camera. "But just wait until I have Jessica Biel's butt! Whew!"

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