Hi! Post-op questions about teen daughter's surgery

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Hi! Post-op questions about teen daughter's surgery
Tue, 06-26-2012 - 5:24pm

 Hello to everyone, I have an 18 y/o daughter who had reduction surgery yesterday morning. She is 5'6" weighs 130-135lbs and wore a 36DDD.The nurse instructed that she could shower today if she was careful to keep her back to the water. Most of the bandaging was still stuck to her when she got into the shower, so I didn't see anything until she called for me to help her get dressed.

The surgeon warned us not to put too much stock into the appearance of her breasts at first, as they would be higher than normal and swollen. Still, I was a little unprepared! I'm not sure exactly what is normal. (I called the office and asked questions, but I just felt like I was complaining and didn't want to come across that way, then I remembered ivillage!!) I didn't say anything that might suggest concern to my daughter, I just helped her get dressed and back to bed (she is taking a pain pill every 4 hours).

Her breasts were asymmetrical before, with the left being 1 to 2 cup sizes larger. The doctor told me he removed about 300 grams on one side and "about twice" that on the other side. I know she expressed interest in being a full C cup, which they might be right now, but I think if the swelling goes down too much, she could be much smaller. They are also very high (which he said they would be) but also sort of wide and flat looking...almost squarish instead of rounded? If that makes sense. Does that sound like a normal appearance post-op? She doesn't appear to have any inflammation or redness and the drains seem to be working well. (just a few spots of blood on the pads when I change them every few hours.) For the most part, all she does is sleep right now which is good, I guess :smileyhappy: . Her post-op appt is next Tuesday. Should her breasts be more normal looking by then? Also does the amount removed seem about right to everyone, and did anyone else think things were "not right" at first?

I'm sure I'm over-reacting! I guess that's what moms are for though.

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I know you wrote your post quite a while ago, but thought I would reply anyhow.

I felt as though my breasts were right up under my chin!  Previously they had sagged almost to my waistline (age 73).  They did look strange, especially the right one which was quite black and blue as it had required more work as it had been larger and had more fat tissue.

I was really pleased with the results.  I went from a 44DDD to a 42D and absolutely love it!

Hope things are going well and your daughter is pleased with the results.  She is so fortunate to have this done so early in her life.