A question for anyone who has needed to have a surgery "fixed"

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A question for anyone who has needed to have a surgery "fixed"
Tue, 10-22-2013 - 3:29pm

Hello, last summer after HS graduation, my teenage daughter wanted breast reduction surgery before going away to college. She'd been teased and bullied since 6th grade over her size and wanted to start college looking "normal." (her words) She is 5'6", weighs 130 (sz 4/6) but wore a 34 F bra. She had the surgery in June 2012. I had misgivings from the start because what I was seeing, and what she asked the doctor for (I went with her to appointments) were not the same thing. She, at time, was happy to be rid of her old breasts so I didnt say anything about it.  A few months later, she asked me if I thought her breasts were too small now, and I told her she needed to trust her own opinion, but that enough time had not passed to tell the final results. I told her to wait a year (advice I saw on the internet) to see how they looked. This summer, she said that she was not happy with the results and she showed me. (She's a modest person and I hadn't seen what she looked like since a couple of months after the surgery.) I was pretty shocked.

At our visits, she specifically told the doctor she wanted to be a C cup. He told her that that wasn't the way that doctors did things, but that she would have a "feminine shape and nice cleavage." What she has now is not even an A cup.(It's more of a slight swelling with scars) I didn't know, but she had been wearing heavily padded bras and big shirts to disguise it; she never even went  swimming once this summer, either. When she was still swollen from surgery, they looked smaller than what she wanted, but only maybe a cup size. Now after everything's settled, she almost literally flat-chested!

At her last follow-up visit (about a year ago) the surgeon said if there was anything she was unhappy with, to please let him know because he wanted satisfied patients. I took that to mean that he would fix his mistakes. She was home this weekend for her birthday, and called to get an appointment. The receptionist was nice, but not too helpful in answering questions. They couldn't see her for three weeks (she will have to take a day off from classes and drive a 4 hour round trip.) She also hinted that I would have to pay a consultation fee!

Do surgeons consider results like this as a "mistake" that they're obligated to fix? The receptionist gave prices for gel and saline implants, which indicates to me this won't be free. The surgery was not technically botched, she did not get an infection, the scarring is normal, it's just that what she ended up with is not even in the neighborhood of what she asked for. I feel truly bad for her. After being teased about her chest and being ashamed of her looks all those years, now she's ashamed of her looks for the opposite reason. I don't understand what the surgeon was thinking when he did this. She did not get to speak with him or a nurse during the call. The receptionist said that Mondays were "procedure days" and he was unavailable.

What should we expect at this appointment? Is asking for this to be done for free or at a discount unreasonable??



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Hi and welcome! If I were you, I am not sure I would trust the doctor enough to go back. I would get a copy of the medical records including the surgery notes and get a second opinion on how to proceed.

I am so sorry your daughter has had such a bad experience!

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Thanks for the reply! He has a good reputation, and was recommended by someone I trusted. All the photos we looked at looked great. Her surgery lasted about twice as long as what he told me it would. Afterwards, he said he'd had trouble "evening them." One was larger than the other. Perhaps he thought everything would be ok? I think the swelling was more than normal and gave a false impression of what she was left with. (maybe??)


IDK. I don't think he's a bad surgeon. My daughter liked him personally. I would just like for her to get what she asked for (and her Dad and I paid for!) Implants would be at least another $5,000!  Do people even ask doctors for discounts? I have no idea about plastic surgery. I think if an ENT surgeon messed up a tonsillectomy, you wouldn't have to pay twice. I just don't know what to expect. Her breasts don't look "bad" they are just extremely small. (about the same as when she was 10!) She had watermelons, asked for cantaloupes, and got walnuts. I think he owes her some free cantaloupes!

Honestly though, I don't want to appear as an unreasonable person when we go back. I told my daughter that she needs to do most of the talking, but as far as the money side of it goes, that will fall to me. :(