Silicone breast implants making a comeback

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Silicone breast implants making a comeback
Tue, 05-21-2013 - 9:15am

According to FoxNews, silicone breast implants may be making a comeback. "

In 2012, 72 percent of the 330,631 breast-augmentation procedures in the U.S. used silicone implants, while 28 percent used saline, or sterile salt water. 

In 2006, the year the ban was lifted, only 19 percent of procedures used silicone, according to new statistics released Tuesday by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a group of more than 2,600 plastic surgeons.

Surgeons and patients say silicone implants look and feel more like natural breasts. But the FDA banned their use in cosmetic procedures in 1992 after complaints that the devices ruptured—and among concerns that they could lead to health problems, including connective-tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Those links were never confirmed and when the FDA lifted the ban, it said silicone implants are "safe and effective." During the ban, silicone implants continued to be allowed for use in breast reconstruction." READ MORE

Are you considering them?


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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 1:41pm

I'm not considering them at this very moment, but I follow studies and trends about plastic surgery.  The Gummy Bear implants seem to be the latest and greatest, but I also thought it is interesting that silicone implants, including the Gummy Bear style, are only approved by the FDA for women 22 years or older (FDA press release from February).  The more I read the more I wonder about implant trends.  It seems that women are having the procedure at younger and younger ages (think Teen Mom), and I wonder if the restriction will skew the statistics for saline at all?  I also have friends who have had their original saline implants replaced with silicone because they ruptured/deflated or they just didn't feel as real as silicone.