Im almost positive I should have an abortion....

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Im almost positive I should have an abortion....
Tue, 02-28-2012 - 11:23pm

Ill try to make this as short as possible (cause its sort

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Welcome to the board. There's a good group here, and I hope you will find some support.

I know you asked for a "what would you do" answer, so he it goes. Short and sweet.

If it were me, I would do whatever it took to get myself and my two children out of that home and away from the drugs IMMEDIATELY. If you love the children you have, you absolutely MUST get them away from it. If you do not, you can lose the children you have to social services or your addiction.

I know it's nice to have a new house, I know you don't think he would hit you. You have two little girls, and my question to you is do you want your little girls thinking it's okay to be with someone who is using drugs and who is paranoid and accusing them of cheating on him? If you don't want the kids you have to think that's okay, then you've got to get them OUT of there. Drugs lead people to do things that never planned on doing, and things they wouldn't do sober. How would you feel if your children got hurt by drugs or your bf?

You will notice I haven't even said one thing about whether you should keep the baby or not. To me that's not even the point here. You have two children who are in IMMEDIATE danger, and you need to be the good mom I know you are and get them and you to safety NOW. You need to get out of drugs for yourself and for your kids. Trust me - I have a job where I get to see the effects of drugs in people's lives on a daily basis. They do horrific things.

As for the pregnancy, if you've been using drugs, it is entirely possible that it's affected the baby you're carrying. You may want to have an honest meeting with a doctor and find out the real health risks of carrying this baby to term. I would suggest not keeping it, to have one less tie to your BF because his drug use is spiraling out of control from the sound of things, but you already have a connection through your youngest. I guess the question I've got for you is whether you think you can raise three children on your own, or maybe it would be better to only have two. I know for me that helped make my decision simple. I couldn't afford two and keep the life I wanted. One it was.

I don't mean to sound cold, I just really really think you've got to protect yourself and the kids you have as priority number one. You owe it to them, if they are your life, to make their lives SAFE.