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Hello pink,

Different states have different legal definitions of what constitutes sexual assault / rape.


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Thanks for the reply. I live in Canada, in BC.

Were fine with sex, we have sex often and we both really enjoy it. We have a great sex life. I have no weird feelings towards sex from the situation. Infact I have no feelings toward the situation at all really, except a whole lot of anger towards the guy that did it, simply because what he did was so wrong. I have people on facebook that are still friends with him,sometimes I get tempted to say something to him but know better than that. I think emotionally/mentally I am settled with what occured, I mean he was the same age as me at the time, maybe a year or two older, either way he was still a minor at that time.Maybe he didn't know what he was doing was wrong...

The only issue I have really with everything is whether I should share this with my bf.I like your idea on how to approach it, makes sense, but is easier said than done I am sure lol I honestly don't know how he will react, I feel like he'll either brush it off, past is the past kinda thing, thank you for telling me, or he might get really angry and demand to know who is responsible, I am really not sure.