1 in 4 in U.S. Starts Drinking Before Turning 21: Report

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1 in 4 in U.S. Starts Drinking Before Turning 21: Report
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 11:12am

Underage drinking is still a big problem according to this new report by Health Day News. ""Underage drinking should not be a normal part of growing up. It's a serious and persistent public health problem that puts our young people and our communities in danger," SAMHSA administrator Pamela Hyde said in an agency news release."Even though drinking is often glamorized, the truth is that underage drinking can lead to poor academic performance, sexual assault, injury and even death," she noted." MORE

Your thoughts?

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Yes I am having problems with the site too. Much of the problem is the state's taking away the function of the parents. Many people learned how to "hold their liquor" from parents and responsible adults who monitored the behavior. Many generations learned what their limits were. And how to incorporate drinking into a stable lifestyle. Today those influences are gone. For many getting drunk is what they do. Even in France and England binge drinking has become a problem(along with the violence). It stands to reason that when the clock strikes 21 the person is thrust forth like from the forehead of Zeus fully capable of all the skills one needs. NOT!


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I got a message when I signed in that I wasn't authorized to post so we shall see what happens. 

When I first saw this article I thought it was familiar but when I went digging into old threads I realized it was related to binge drinking only a bit different.  That sexual assault doesn't cause binge drinking.