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My sister pulled me aside and told me I was angry and needed to talk to a doctor. I knew I was having some problems with my feelings/temper but don't know if it is from menopause or my past. I think about what happened to me all the time anymore. I thought I had moved on and was coping. Could this be from menopause? Has anyone else been through this as you age? 

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I found this

There was discussion about something called perimenopausal rage.

Women in the 35-55 age group are vulnerable to the type of anger discussed on the show as “perimenopausal rage.” Women usually say this is different than what they have experienced before – it’s totally new for them and very unsettling. This type of rage seems to pop up with no warning and feels totally out of place. Overall, it is often very different from the way they’ve reacted to stressors in previous years, before perimenopause. This is not just getting upset or angry in response to the little bumps in the road day to day – these are very obvious outbursts that involve overreacting above and beyond your normal anger level, way out of proportion to the situation at hand. It is extreme, emotional and hurts others. And it often triggers regret.  


It’s critically important to understand that these situations are very real for the thousands of modern women who experience them, especially the supermoms trying to “do it all” at work and at home! The rage we are talking about is one extreme example of what is essentially a heightened PMS experience that surfaces for the first time ever in many perimenopausal women. These types of emotional outbursts are usually more common in the PMS portion of a woman’s cycle – the two weeks before her period.