Katie Couric VS Oprah - Childhood Memories

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Katie Couric VS Oprah - Childhood Memories
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 10:51pm

I suppose this is semi-on topic.

I was recently watching a promo for the new Katie Couric talk show and she talked about having this great " leave it to beaver childhood".  I'm happy that she had a great childhood.  Yet, I think about Oprah and her past and how she connected to so many people because of what she experience growing up.   Katie Couric has had hardships through her life I think her husband died of colon cancer, If I'm remember correctly and that can be very rough.   But I often wonder how many people can relate to Katie's  "leave it to beaver" childhood that she talks about and what that might do for how the audience relates to her.   

Anyone have thoughts on this?


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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 12:19pm

I can see where Oprah is relatable to many people because of her childhood experiences but I don't think having a "perfect" childhood would necessarily keep an audience from relating to Katie, either. Terrible things can happen to people at any age and I think it's their individual displays of strength and determination to get through it all, plus their empathy, that grabs us.

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I think people can relate to Oprah far more than Katie. I have always been a fan of Katie and am also sorry she left The Today Show, but I also like Oprah. We've seen Oprah over the years in her ups and downs, talk about her childhood, seen her lose and gain weight--we've seen more than just the good stuff TV stars like to show. It makes her real. Katie, while a fantastic news host, came across on Today as a real person, but in more of a fantasy way that we could never reach. She looks perfect, her makeup is perfect, and saying her childhood was great doesn't click with most people, I don't think. I think a lot of people did relate and sympathize when her husband died and that's why I say she comes across as a real peson. Somehow, though, she still comes across in the superstar status of people with lives that are close to perfect, despite her hardships.

In my life, I tell some people I was SA and suffer from depression, while others I keep all that from. Sometimes when I've finally told someone those things about me, I felt as if they saw the more real me. And several times it's lead to that person sharing something very personal (not necessarily SA) with me that happened to them. I think Oprah publicly telling all she had been SA as a child did a lot to open the door and let convesations about SA go on.